In search of a Quote

A quote is simply described as a group of words that are strung together. That simple definition does not adequately explain the power behind a quote. These words strung together, can be referred to as “windows to the speaker’s soul”. Often they are uttered with emotion, and this is what gives them their power. Quotes can change moods and electrify an audience. They are brilliant sayings by other people, who can make us seem smarter. Quotes can change opinions, and they can also make us laugh.

In Search of a Quote

Throughout history, writers and speakers have been using quotes. From Socrates to Leonardo Da Vinci, famous and brilliant men have been employing the power of quotes. These phrases can appear anywhere, in books and magazines, and even on the news. A good quote will always be obvious, by the emotion it invokes. It can even put a humorous slant on a serious situation. Mahatma Gandhi is a perfect example when he spoke out against violence.

It is a memorable and moving plea for peace, which also invokes a smile.

Quotes can even be found in our never ending search for love. Hundreds of phrases speak eloquently about the loneliness of a broken heart, or the joy of a first kiss. They can even help find our true loves. Anonymous writes,

There is the perfect quote for almost every life experience, and using the right one can enhance the retelling of any adventure. They can be used to entice the imagination, and blend different ideas together.

Inspired Writing

Quotes can be found throughout our daily lives, and can be used to give writing an inspired and creative twist. It does not have to be famous, but it does have to share the author’s sentiment. Ernest Hemmingway wrote,

This pointed and eloquent quote is a perfect example of how writing should be as personal as the phrase that will be used. Quotes can add a fresh new voice to an article, while also supporting a difficult opinion.

When they are used in writings, they can give a special human touch. They can help to inspire a reader, and keep them wanting more. Inserting John F. Kennedy’s stirring few words,

will not only grab readers’ attention, it can also be seen as a call to action. It is truly amazing the power that quotes can have.

Quotes in Our Lives

These short sentences and paragraphs have the power to change minds and inspire emotions. They can be a call for forgiveness,

while also reminding us to be careful. Quotes can also help us find our one true love while we “follow our hearts”. They are an essential and necessary part of our daily lives. They are used by authors, statesmen, and neighbors. We use these words to express emotion, and to ask for forgiveness. We even use them to explain our behavior. Sometimes our own creativity is inspired by the words of others, and amazing new concepts can be born. Quotes are an important part of our lives and our history, and are a reminder of the beauty of words. For more compelling and thought provoking quotes, explore our website, Here readers and writers can find the perfect phrase for any situation. Don't forget to sign up for quote of the day email subscription to our daily pick of awesome quotes.
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