Creating a Zen space in your home

Vee L. Harrison on 2019-07-05 21:22:45
Peace is right within the walls of your own home. Many people never realize that you don’t have to go to a yoga studio or join a public meditation group to create a peaceful place all your own. Choose a place in your home that is sacred to you; a corner in your living room, near the window in your bedroom, or a small space in your den. You need this space quiet, and away from anything chaotic in your home. Declutter the space. This is step one.
Step two: Add things to the space that brings you happiness and peace. These things should be relaxing and tangible items that and good vibes. You can choose to use candles, incense, healing stones, and/or spiritual objects such as crosses, bibles, printed quotes, etc.
Step three: Create a space with dim lighting. Dim lighting helps create a relaxing atmosphere. If one of your items are candles, that works out perfectly! While in your zen space, you’ll need an opportunity to quietly meditate. Dim lights create an internal relaxation in the body and mind.
Step four: Add a rug, yoga mat, or oversized pillow for mediation. This brings comfort to your space, allowing you to sit down on something to accommodate your body. Make sure this is something you can easily fit into your space and be sure it works for your body needs.
Step five: Utilize your zen space at least three to four times a week. Your space is irrelevant to your peace seeking journey if you never put the space to use. Create time in your schedule to spend time in your zen space and demand that other members of your home respect your space.
Creating an at-home zen space is easy and necessary for your journey to inner peace and self-love. To become more aware of your internal relaxation, practices like daily yoga, verbal affirmations, and daily meditation are key components.
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