Tools that help you in your creative thought process

Vee L. Harrison on 2019-10-16 17:59:36

Creative thinking can be difficult in a world where we are all consumed with so much reality. Family, car payments, work, children, spouses…sometimes it is hard to think outside of those day to day things and force your brain to dream in color. There are many ways you can improve your creative thought process…and once you arrive at a level of creative thinking, you’ll likely love it! When writing, there are tools and methods you can use to help get that creativity at a constant flow.

Tools that can help you in your creative thought process won’t even cost you a thing. One idea is to visit to come up with names for your characters and your settings. This website helps you come up with cool names of people and places to spark your creativity and give you some ideas. While on that website, browse around and see other things you may want to generate, just for fun! A little bit of fun will always spark a more colorful idea!

In addition to names and places, you’ll need a creative storyline and a way to grab the attention for your readers. The best way to do that is to be very creative in how you capture your readers. Need a writing prompt? You can find writing prompts on, too! Go to to get those creative juices flowing! Sometimes, a simple writing prompt is all you need to start off an exceptionally creative plot. The key, however, is to keep the story interesting.

Another tool to help you during your creative thought process is music. Yes…music! Turn on some tunes during your writing and zone out a bit. Experts say that listening to certain instruments helps calm the mind and stimulates creative thinking. When needing to improve on your creative thought process, take time for jazz, classical, and pop tracks. Listen to music that can inspire your creativity and make you want to think vividly, freely. Music is a generational and universal pastime that evokes several feelings. Allow these feelings to guide your creativity in a more colorful direction. The number of ways Music helps the brain is countless. Music can give you ideas, inspire you, and bring about feelings to help your creative drive.

Have you ever considered games and trivia to help you think creatively? Well, those things work! You can use games to help you think creatively. For example, try for random facts and trivia. Use these games to help you think more creatively. Experts say that even certain video games help young people think more creatively when it comes to their schoolwork. It is okay to enjoy a game and prompt your brain!

Try these tools, and learn more about how you can use these free tools to help you think more creatively.
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