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Alan Clark

Alan Clark was a British politician, diarist and historian, who served as a Member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton from 1974 and Plympton from 1992 to 1999. A member of the Conservative Party, Clark ran unsuccessfully for Parliament in 1970 before winning his first seat in 1974. During his political career, Clark served in Margaret Thatcher’s government as a Minister of State at the Department of Defence, 1985-90; and as Minister of State at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 1990-92. He was an outspoken advocate of economic and defence reform, as demonstrated in his high-profile publications, as well as through his diaries. As a diarist, he wrote critically about both the Thatcher and Major governments, and his writing style in the diaries, which has been described as witty, cynical, sometimes outrageous, and almost always delightful. After leaving politics, Clark continued to publish diaries until his death in 1999, when he was cremated in the Chapel of St Michael, Westminster Abbey.

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