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Alvin Toffler

Alvin Toffler (1928–2016) is an American writer and futurist, known for his works discussing the digital revolution, communication revolution, and the neoteric culture. Toffler is best known for his acclaimed book, “Future Shock,” which was a bestseller in the 1970s and sold over six million copies. In this book, Toffler argues that our society is becoming ever more complex and that individuals must learn to cope with the increasing speed of change. Toffler is also known for his later works “The Third Wave” and “Powershift: Knowledge, Wealth, and Power at the Edge of the 21st Century.” He was also a consultant to many governments, corporations, and political leaders. Toffler is credited as one of the earliest founders of the Futurist movement and one of the greatest futurists of all time.

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