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  [Prior to the Threadgill's show, Brandi Clark, an event co-organizer and initiative co-founder, visited the convention center to inquire whether any of the beleaguered evacuees wanted to take in the show for free. Hamre even arranged for a Cap Metro bus to transport them. No one ended up taking her up on the offer, however, because most of the hurricane survivors didn't want to leave the few belongings they had, she said. In addition to Milligan, Chaparral, and Neville, the show featured such acts as Beth Garner, Rajamani, the Pistol Love Family Band, David Murray, and Colin Gilmore. Neville, who said an old friend has been nagging him for years to move to town, told the Chronicle Tuesday that he plans to stay in Austin.] I've always had an affinity for Austin since my days playing with the Meters at the Shoal Creek Saloon and with the Neville Brothers at Liberty Lunch,.. When this tragedy happened, there wasn't much guessing about where to move, since I'm trying to sustain a career in the music business.  
Cyril Neville

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