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  Immortal existence. Sometimes Living is not such an easy task. Being here or there. The spirit is the same. Only changes the place where shows. Here, the make-up is of meat. There is infinite LIGHT. In the flesh, or out of it, what does order is what thinks and what creates. Each thought, a vibration. Each action, a reaction. That doesn't change with the death of the body. Because actually nobody dies. We are immortal divine existences. Believing or not. So many lives. So many experiences. So many faces. So many dreams. To each life new opportunities. New learnings. The soul Request. Thirsty to experiment, feels, develop, evolve, grow and so it goes. The spirit Obeys. Enters and exit the perishable bodies. Gets right and misses. Rehearses, Conquers and proceeds. The spirit is a gift of the architect of the universe for the benefit of all. It's light. It's love. It's eternal. In the Astral or in the Earth. There is to educate the thought and to clean the energies around yourself. Gives some work to do that spiritual maintenance, but it is worthwhile. It is Light that cleans the Light!So never forget you are imperishable consciousness. May a light circle involves and illuminate each soul. Much light and love in each heart that pulses in the heart of the whole. Namaste, Dave  
Dave Zebian

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