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  Just because we believe it has always been done, doesn't mean we should continue to do it. Change is necessary for betterment. If something having been the case in history should be a case for it to continue, then let rape continue, let murder continue. There was a time when we were torturous, terrible monsters to our own, a time when we treated other human beings with the darkest of disgrace. In this present day it's difficult to comprehend that we were ever so cruel. Likewise, there will be a time in the future when we reflect on having been so cruel to other creatures. For the time being we are lost somewhere, defying the truth that deep down we know. We hide, we turn a blind eye, we conceal and contain the horror, we try to justify the crimes that we commit upon beautiful, gentle and innocent creatures. Consciousness IS developing, narrow minds ARE opening, conscience IS growing, compassion IS expanding, Man IS evolving and there IS hope and drive to vanish the shame that is the slaughterhouse.  
Evette Carter

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