John Perkins Quotes

John Perkins

John Perkins may refer to: John Perkins (Australian politician) (1878–1954), Australian politician John Perkins (author) (born 1945), American author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man John Perkins (rugby union) (born 1954), Wales international rugby union player John Perkins Jr. (1819–1885), American politician, son of John Perkins Sr. John Perkins Sr. (1781–1866), American judge and planter John Perkins (physician) (1698–1781), American physician and essayist John M. Perkins (born 1930), American civil rights activist, American Christian minister, author Johnny Perkins (1953–2007), American football receiver with the New York Giants John Perkins (Royal Navy officer) (fl. 1775–1812), Captain, Napoleonic War John Alanson Perkins (1914–1982), American academic administrator and government official John Frederick Perkins (1910–1983), English entomologist John Perkins (academic) (born 1950), British academic, engineering scientist and government adviser John Astin Perkins (1907–1999), interior designer and architect John Perkins (cricketer) (1837–1901), English cricketer

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