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  In the kingdom of MySpace, the eHarmony Band used to think themselves more than a match for the E-Street Band with their new folksonomy and flash algorithms, but their Rick Roll Skyrock was so raucous the soundpedia citizendium of Wikicity spread the Google buzz that soon roused the princes of the realm, Habbo, Bebo, senile Weibo and the twins Badoo and Bahu, to decide there and then that the lead Orkut Xing who fancied himself a latter day Bing Dogsby (not Crosby; nor Stills or Nash) was a foursquare odd no-class niki trying to yahoo his way into the charts! They would hire their friendsters, flixsters, adult friendfinders and paypals to drive the upstart and his Hype machine from the United Territories of Wikimedia to exile as a twitpic on the tweetdeck of Pandora's Last. Fm. The hapless Cloob skyped off to the Thin Line Strait hoping to stumbleupon networks where Tags and eBay could scrobble him some hiding space, linkedin as they were to oceans of personal information and hyves of technorati. He did not reckon on being waylaid by an army of Iphonic Apps and their lackeys, the Mixi Trolls of Japanese stock, stunted descendants of Godzilla and Mozilla Firefox, from the Sea of Forgotten Memes. No wiktionary held any answers for him as far as he could see; for the wikipedic wordpress had stopped functioning long ago, ever since the videos of youporn went viral and all blogsters and their bloodspots became outlawed. How was he to escape the poisonous twitter of Flickr the Troll of the low IQ..  
Lee Tzu Pheng

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