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  [A trailer to the documentary is available on the Underneath Acoustic Live DVD and online, and based on that trailer, the documentary appears to have an unblinking eye. Of course, Hanson is no stranger to being filmed.] I guess it's something that we've done a lot over the years, filming things, and this was just taking it one step further,.. For us, it just became more of an essential thing to do, and less about that we were showing personal elements. It's more about, this is such an incredible thing to show people. Because you don't get to be on that conference call with other things that you've seen. You don't get to be in the studio or watch somebody come up with a lyric. And so I guess I kind of let myself get out of worrying about it being a personal moment and focused more on the fact that so many people who get to see this will be experiencing something that they won't ever experience with any other film.  
Zac Hanson

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