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  How to Protect Yourself from AllergiesSulfite Allergy Guide Sulfites, a group of sulfur-based compounds, may be added to food as enhancers and preservatives. The Food and Drug Administration has given an estimate of 1 in 100 individuals who have sensitivity to sulfites. The cause of sensitivity to sulfites remains unknown. Furthermore, sensitivity may develop at any age. Mild to life-reactions reactions may be experienced by sulfite sensitive people. Sulfite use on fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw was banned by the FDA on 1986. Listing sulfites on product labels is imposed by the FDA on manufacturers using sulfites on their products. Fresh foods have been spared from the addition of sulfites. However, processed and cooked products may still be added with sulfites. Fermented wine and beer contain sulfites. Foods containing, or which may contain, sulfites should be avoided to prevent reactions to sulfite. Habitually reading food labels should be practiced by sulfite sensitive individuals. When eating out, it is best to inquire from the person cooking your meals if sulfite was used at any time during preparation. Mold Allergies In the family of fungus, the types of molds and yeasts reach up to thousands.  
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