Quotes on peril

  He is wretched indeed, who goes up and down in the world, without a God to take care of him, to be his guide and protector, and to bless him in his affairs [...] That unconverted men are without God shows that they are liable to all manner of evil [...] liable to the power of the devil, to the power of all manner of temptation [...] to be deceived and seduced into erroneous opinions [...] to embrace damnable doctrines [...] to be given up of God to judicial hardness of heart [...] to commit all manner of sin, and even the unpardonable sin itself. They cannot be sure they shall not commit that sin. They are liable to build up a false hope of heaven, and so to go hoping to hell [...] to die senseless and stupid, as many have died [...] to die in such a case as Saul and Judas did, fearless of hell. They have no security from it. They are liable to all manner of mischief, since they are without God. They cannot tell what shall befall them, nor when they are secure from anything. They are not safe one moment. Ten thousand fatal mischiefs may befall them, that may make them miserable forever. They, who have God for their God, are safe from all such evils. It is not possible that they should befall them. God is their covenant God, and they have his faithful promise to be their refuge.  
Jonathan Edwards

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