Quotes on the-big-shift

  When we read the newspapers, watch the broadcasts, soak up the stories, we find ourselves repressed, depressed and confused. We find ourselves envious, anxious, angry and fearful. If we believe all that is circulated by the media we become loyal supporters of the oppressors, passionate haters of the innocents, faithful believers of bullshit and puppets of evil. Mind management is greater than necessary. I believe it is wise to question all that we are told. If we give our time to all that is spoon fed to us, we allow our minds to be hooked, hot wired, taken from us, remotely controlled.. I look around and everywhere I see stewing or stewed, fermented, tormented souls and marinated morons.. And then I see you, precious few.. You, who reconsiders.. You, who questions the credibility of a story, you, who never forgets that there are always at least two sides.. You, who feels before you think and thinks before you speak. Beautiful you, who wonders, who looks with wide open eyes, an open heart, an open mind. You, who wanders from the crowd and who seeks something which FEELS true. I love you! I can't get enough of you and the world needs hundreds of thousands more people like you.  
Evette Carter

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