Quotes on vlad

  You arrogant.. Thrust through the stomach of a snapping zombie, twisting and using all my strength to cleave him in half.. Over published.. Wasn't going to work, it clawed at the blade, and my God, these things were tough,.. Showy old bat.. Crack! There went my head into the wall. If I didn't have a split skull, I'd be amazed. What are you waiting for? Aren't you the king of all bogeymen? The legend children fear will devour them if they don't behave?Come on, Vlad, live up to your reputation! If you can't burn to death one Egyptian vampire chained to a wall, how did you ever drive the Turks from Romania?You did it!Of course, I'm Vlad Tepesh, what did you expect?  
Jeaniene Frost

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