Quotes on will-power

  Your brain is involved in everything you do.Your brain controls everything you do, feel, and think. When you look in themirror, you can thank your brain for what you see. Ultimately, it is your brain thatdetermines whether your belly bulges over your belt buckle or your waistline is trim andtoned. Your brain plays the central role in whether your skin looks fresh and dewy or isetched with wrinkles. Whether you wake up feeling energetic or groggy depends on yourbrain. When you head to the kitchen to make breakfast, it is your brain that determineswhether you go for the leftover pizza or the low-fat yogurt and fruit. Your brain controlswhether you hit the gym or sit at the computer to check your Facebook page. If you feelthe need to light up a cigarette or drink a couple cups of java, that's also your brain'sdoing.ACTION STEP Remember that your brain is involved in everything you do, everydecision you make, every bite of food you take, every cigarette you smoke, everyworrisome thought you have, every workout you skip, every alcoholic beverage youdrink, and more.  
Daniel G. Amen

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