Wordpress Quotes Plugin

They Said So Wordpress Quotes Plugin

Now you can make the great quote of the day as well as individual quotes as part of your wordpress site with a click (a few actually) of button. For joomla plugin and module click here.

  • Easy to install packages with automatic updates.
  • Great styles to choose from.
  • You can pick from quote of the day categories or embed individual quotes.
  • Can't find a quote you really love in our database? No problem! You can create them yourself in theysaidso.com and embed in all your sites. That is cloud based quotes platform for you!.
  • New display styles added frequently.


The installable package for wordpress is available below.

Package for wordpress 3.0+ :

Download Installable
Package for Wordpress 3.0+

Wordpress Quotes Plugin

They Said So wordpress quotes plugin lets you embed quotes from theysaidso.com in your articles. You can either include the quotes from quote of the day or a single particular quote. Your can just put in the the following lines and the quotes will be embedded in your articles magically. You can see the full list of styles here.

Optionaly we can apply the same styles to the comments on the blog too. Head over to the wordpress plugin options page and enable or disable the comments styling option.

Plugin Options

Wordpress plugin is enabled when you enclose the options in {theysaidso}{/theysaidso} tags. The options are

  • display_style : Quote style. See full list of styles here.
  • quote_id : (Optional). Exact quote id if you want to display a single specific quote
  • qod_category : (Optional). Quote of the day category. (inspire/funny/management/life

If you want include the inspiring quote of the day

{theysaidso}display_style:'tso_pinched',qod_category: 'inspire' {/theysaidso}

If you want include single quote do something like this in your article

 {theysaidso}display_style:'tso_blackcard',quote_id: '2OrMsOg8Wdp_738FSJKGlgeF' {/theysaidso}

Quotes Wordpress Widgets

Quotes are great candidates for wordpress widgets. They Said So quotes can be embedded as wordpress widgets, when you install the They Said So quotes plugin widget option is also enabled. Just specify the quote of the day category or fill in a specific quote id and it will be shown in the widget area in the chosen display style.