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  It goes without saying that these effects do not suffice to annul the necessity for a change of terrain. It also goes without saying that the choice between these two forms of deconstruction cannot be simple and unique. A new writing must weave and interlace these two motifs of deconstruction. Which amounts to saying that one must speak several languages and produce several texts at once. I would like to point out especially that the style of the first deconstruction is mostly that of the Heideggerian questions, and the other is mostly the one which dominates France today. I am purposely speaking in terms of a dominant style: because there are also breaks and changes of terrain in texts of the Heideggerian type; because the change of terrain is far from upsetting the entire French landscape to which I am referring; because what we need, perhaps, as Nietzsche said, is a change of style; and if there is style, Nietzsche reminded us, it must be plural.  
Jacques Derrida

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